Hemp & Olive Gorilla Gummies 300mg CBD Bottle

Green Gorrilla CBD Vegan Pectin Gummies - Edibles Magazine - Cannabis Infused Product Review Feature

This bottle takes me back to the time I would pick up supplements from the local health food store.  It is rather large it’s a childproof cap. It looks quite serious, but the gummies inside are delicious. 

After having my wife help me open the bottle, because of childproofing, I was finally able to enjoy one of these delicious Gummies. Not only did they get the taste right, they have addressed every dietary issue I could think of.  These are free of THC, non-GMO, vegan, they are Kosher, also gelatin free, gluten-free, soy free, and last but not least cruelty free. And with all of that, they taste just like Gummy bears. There is no strange aftertaste or anything like that.  I started to experience the calming effects of the CBD within minutes of ingesting one. Gummy edibles are notorious for their fast action, in my opinion. Usage always varies. 

The bottle is wrapped with a plethora of product information. It could be a great read if you’re new to these kinds of products. The variety I tried today was Ultra Wellness Berry Medley. I had an all-around good experience with this product of course after getting the bottle open. The one thing I had to keep in mind was that this is medicinal. It’s very difficult to eat just one of these at a time. Good thing all medications aren’t this tasty.  So, keep this brand in mind when you’re looking for something tasty that could help you chill.

Richard Bell

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