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Recently, I went to the California Caregivers Alliance (CCA) in Silverlake, Los Angeles. It was my first time visiting the shop since they went recreational and became a fully legal, no-longer medicinal store. There are a lot of new brands out there that have hit the market in the last year and a half after the law changed. I was curious as to what prerolls have been selling the best or were considered the most popular. What were people in Silverlake buying? I asked the budtender and she said, “People like Loudpack.”

I’d heard of Loudpack. She recommended the “Loudpack Legacy” line. Loudpack’s website says: “We created Loudpack Legacy to honor and support small cannabis growers in California while giving them a platform to share the fruits of their labor with more people. We partner with select growers who share our passion for quality and love of the cannabis plant. Every pre-roll of Loudpack Legacy contains limited edition flower from these select growers.” It’s a full gram pre rolled joint of sungrown flower and the lab results are on the label. Sunset Sherbert (Hybrid) is what I got, and it was 16.6% THC and for less than ten dollars (pre tax) that’s a very respectable number. It was a nice and smooth, slow burning joint that felt completely classic and had none of the problems prerolls sometimes have. Fully relaxed high with an awareness that was easy to maintain and concentration was easy. Dreamy but still daytime appropriate.

The featured farm for this crop is Emerald Queen Farms. According to their site, “Emerald is run by the loving hand of Hannah Whyte… who raises her plants and runs her farm with sustainability in mind – from using native soil, to running off solar panels. Her and her team at Emerald Queen Farms live and breathe the farming lifestyle.”

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Jack Paradise

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