Pharm Aide Pharms 5 Pack Mini Prerolls

Pharm Aide Pharms Mini Prerolls are made with high quality, sun grown, all natural, pesticide free whole top shelf buds. Each and every mini preroll is 0.7 grams, so five of them give you a full eighth of pre rolled weed in every pack. Let’s face it, the days of sharing a jay with your friends might be over. Nowadays it’s best to play it safe and let everyone have their own little personal smoke, and these are the perfect size for it. You’re sure to finish one every time so there’s no roach to deal with and the other little joints will stay fresh and safe if the resealable bag. They come in a variety of strains and all test at over 20% THC. The strain we tried out for this review was “Very Cherry”, which was grown with seeds from the Humboldt Seed Company. “Very Cherry” crosses a Lemon Kush crossed with a strain from an old-time Humboldt grower. It’s a hybrid that’s 30% Indica, 70% Sativa and really delicious with tangy cherry and jasmine flavored terpenes.

We had the good fortune of taste testing these pre rolls on the farm where the flower was actually grown, so smoking them outdoors on the porch while watching the rain was a very authentic experience. We got good and high and everyone had their own little joint all to themselves. Some very good conversations involving a lot of coronavirus inspired conspiracy theories followed. 

Pharm Aide Pharms is located in Southeast Oklahoma on the Red River in beautiful Choctaw County. They’re a cannabis brand reflecting three generations of a family’s passion and appreciation for the many varieties and wide range of the plant’s qualities. Pharm Aide Pharma is committed to growing natural ‘sun grown,’ pesticide free, high quality strains of cannabis. 

A portion of the proceeds of every Pharm Aide Pharms preroll sold in 2020 will go to #Cut50 by the DreamCorps, whose mission is to prevent a prison pandemic using common sense solutions, and The Justice Project, who is lobbying for criminal justice reform.

 Check out everything they have to offer on their website at

By Jack Paradise

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