Shop Feature: Green Leaf Collective

Nestled away in the San Fernando Valley’s Sherman Oaks, is Green Leaf Collective. This particular medical marijuana dispensary prides itself on their line of edibles and wide selection of medicine. Their inventory of edibles includes, but is not limited to, 420 Bars, Casa Luna Bars, Hemp Meds Px Cibdex, RSHO CBD Oil, Can Chew’s CBD Gum, Cheeba Chews, Venice Cookie Company’s drinks and baked goods, Bhang Bars and Medizen’s gummy line. In addition to options, and a wide variety of quality medicine, the thing that truly sets them apart from other collectives or cannabis clubs is their patients. In putting their patients first, they make consumer education their mission; you’ll never hear the words “dank” or “bomb” at Green Leaf. Patients know exactly what they are getting, and are recommended the proper strain for their specific needs.

When they first started out, all edibles looked like they were packaged at home in someone’s personal kitchen; today, packaging has become such a vital aspect of the edibles market that companies neglecting it risk being their products being excluded from shops. Back then, edibles were priced based on strength, yet now it’s gone beyond that, with vegan, gluten-free options and different concentrates used for each edible. Green Leaf Collective is a policy and customer service-driven collective. In addition to the many edibles, cannabis flower strains available and accessories, Green Leaf also offers a comprehensive line of topical infusions, as well as house-made cannabutter and a delicious, potent line of pastries by a gourmet in-house chef, featuring sweets including tiramisu and strawberry cheesecake. If you are a patient in California and ever get a chance to stop by, they are located at 14840 Burbank Blvd. in Sherman Oaks. We definitely recommend checking them out.

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