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Kind Meds first opened its doors November 6, 2009. A female owned and run medical dispensary, they opened Kind Meds because they observed how expensive medicine was becoming and how patients began losing access to the medicine. Kind Meds is about natural, organic medicine without the harmful side effects that require additional medication to control. They carry bud flower, concentrates, edibles, transdermal patches, topical lotions and salves, CBD oil, tinctures and elixirs.

Kind Meds mission is to provide low-cost quality cannabis to Colorado medical marijuana patients. While they had the opportunity to go recreational, they decided to remain medical just to see how recreational played out. ‘We don’t compromise by using harsh chemicals that create quantity. We believe in quality.”

“I believe what sets the store apart from every other medical store is, I know every one of my patients on a personal level, and we are committed to providing quality and consistency. It’s a partnership with the patient because without them Kind Meds wouldn’t have been successful for over 6 years.”

Kind Meds, like many others in Colorado, have been deeply affected by the constant regulation change and over regulation of cannabis. Not only do medical shops face steep competition from the recreational stores, recreational shops can grow as much medicine as they want without having to worry about the 30/70 rule. That means they can overproduce and keep their product without having to worry about over production or selling the product within 48 hours. Rec shops are able to thereby lower their prices blowing away any medical competition.

With the new medical crackdown in Colorado, patients will have to undergo a more invasive evaluation. They must have a history free of drug abuse, mental or physical abuse and have a history free of mental illnesses. It will soon not be practical for patients to seek medical evaluations. It will be easier for patients to seek out rec shops and pay the recreational taxes. Additionally, new dispensary owners are limited in what they can grow, purchase or transfer within the medical market.
A few weeks ago in mid-late November there was a massive edibles recall for products contaminated with pesticides. Kind Meds absolutely suffered as a result of the massive recalls. Branded, trusted companies were a part of the recall. “If patients saw the name on the product, they became apprehensive and less likely to purchase the items even if they weren’t a part of the recall. One solution was to lower our prices and suffer a loss to move the products.”

Looking towards a brighter future that includes Federal rescheduling of cannabis, medical research with specified results, and a commodity trading, Kind Meds’ owner says, “We would like to see medical patients obtain access to the medicine that they need at an affordable price. We want our patients to obtain quality care by doctors and dispensaries without overreaching policies at an undue expense.”


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