Weed Blunts and Brunch at Tulsa’s Studio 30 Lounge

Weed Blunts and Brunch at Tulsa’s Studio 30 Lounge - Staff

Every Sunday from noon until 4:20 at Studio 30, 1920 E. 6th st, in the Pearl District of Tulsa you will find an afternoon of food, friends and medicating. The consumption lounge and event center hosts an array of activities including painting classes, bingo, theme parties and private events. If you haven’t been to see them yet I highly suggest going to the Blunts and Brunch on Sunday as a great time to check them out.

As you approach the building the smell of Le Roux’s Kitchen greets you. They create amazing dishes each week containing as much love as flavor in them. Plates range from $12-16 on average. Gabby makes the best homemade sweet treats too.

Weed Blunts and Brunch at Tulsa’s Studio 30 Lounge - Food

Inside you have plenty of choices for seating. The main room has plenty of tables for any size group, a patio when the weather behaves along with three smaller rooms or you can choose to sit at the bar. Yes, a full bar! Sam has been behind the bar each week I’ve gone. She is sweet, quick, friendly and a delight to visit. On Sunday you have the choice of $5 a glass or $20 bottomless mimosas with an array of juices for mixing. 

Throughout the venue you can find rolling trays and grinders for anyone’s use. Behind the bar a variety of wraps and cones are available for purchase. Whitney and her team always provide a good time with good vibes. As for the cannabis, bring your own and medicate as you choose with friends while eating some dank food and maybe shoot a game of pool or two.

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