Product Review: Lowell Farms Pre-Rolls

The Lowell Herb Company was originally established in 1909 by William “Bull” Lowell. The farm was closed when Henry J. Finger made cannabis illegal in California in 1913, after the Tax Stamp Act was passed under California’s Poison Control Law. Now they’re back and better than ever, with a new line of pre-rolled joints – Lowell Smokes. Each pack of Lowell Farms brand pre-rolls comes with ten joints that are 0.6 grams each of well rolled organic flower with a powerful potency of 25% THC. These little smokes burn slow and smooth ensuring that you enjoy every last puff.

The sturdy, boxey packaging of Lowell Smokes has a very cool and practical aesthetic that fits nicely into your pocket and keeps your smokes safe. If you don’t smoke an entire single joint, just put it out and put it back in the box. The pack has a portrait of Bull Lowell on the front, so you know he approves. The feeling provided by the Lowell medicine is very nice: mellow and steady. It’s just the sensation you want when you’re out for an evening of fun, or home on the couch hanging out with the television. This is the same top shelf flower being used to produce the Co2 concentrate powering the Suicide Girls brand vaporizer cartridges and it tastes very delicious.

These top shelf smokes are great to share with friends, or keep them all to yourself. You can watch the Suicide Girls on Wednesday evenings on Z420 TV and be sure to visit to learn more about The Lowell Herb Company history and products.

Jack Paradise

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