Talkin Topicals with Gar

Talkin Topicals with Gar

Hello Gar, I have always enjoyed the sun and being outdoors. I just turned 50 and I am starting to see some age spots on my skin. Are topical marijuana products good for this, and can they help fade them? Shelly Scottsdale, AZ

Hi Shelly, A topical cannabis oil applied regularly to the spot will usually cause it to start fading in a few days. It may take several weeks or more to completely go away. Look for a product with a natural base, such as olive oil.

Dear Gar, I am getting older and try to protect my health. My friend had prostate cancer and I am now concerned that maybe I should be doing things to protect myself. I know that medical marijuana can help with cancer, but what about prevention? Louis Portland, OR

Hi Louis, The role of cannabis in killing cancer is well documented. As far as prevention, it is just starting to be studied. The prostate has an abundance of both CB1 & CB2 receptors. The stimulation of these receptors results in anti-androgenic effects. This means testosterone is blocked from binding to androgen receptors. Prostate cancer requires testosterone to grow, so if binding cannot take place, growth stops. By massaging a cream around the prostate area, the CB2 receptors in the area can be stimulated. For many, it’s as simple as a small amount applied to the prostate area before bed. Look for a product with a large amount of cannabinoids, 250+ mg per ounce.

Dear Gar, I am having a lot of foot cramps in the night that are causing me to not get enough sleep. I started a new job that requires me to be on my feet 8-10 hrs a day. I have a medical recommendation and my friend, who is also a budtender locally, said I should write to you. I’ll get used to it, but in the meantime, the cramps and lack of sleep are getting to me. Is there anything you know about that can help me? J.D. Los Angeles, CA

Hi JD, Your budtender friend was on the right track. A topical cream or mousse containing a large amount of cannabinoids can often bring complete relief in minutes. A product with 250 mg or more of cannabinoids kept on your nightstand should help your foot cramps very quickly and give you your sleep back. Many people use a lower strength cream or gel on their feet while working. It’ll help provide anti-inflammatory protection and may help avoid the nightly foot cramps altogether.

-Gar Souders

Gar Souders has over a decade of research into the effects & formulations of cannabis infused topicals. He is the founder of CannaTopics, a freelance cannabis writer, and member of several pro-cannabis organizations.

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