UK’s First Publicly Available Cannabis Research Facility Now Open

Science and cannabis are destined to become best mates as the United Kingdom is set to open its first medical cannabis research facility this summer. This 1,800-square-foot facility is being launched by MediPen, a successful company that creates CBD vaporizers. Last summer, MediPen’s products were tested by the National Health Service which dramatically increased interest in the medical benefits of cannabis.

MediPen is in the process of securing a license with the Home Office to import and experiment with controlled compounds, including THC, at an location that is currently undisclosed. The company has said, “This marks the beginning of a strenuous course of clinical trials and research into the medicinal applications of several cannabis constituents, with the goal of developing a portfolio of licensed cannabinoid based medicines in the coming years.”

As a mighty plus, MediPen’s facility will be open to other innovators of cannabis products who are encouraged to take advantage of the research & development network, state-of-the-art in-house testing, and on board legal and business advice. The UK has lit a clear and bright path for the cannabis industry.

L.C. Squared
Contributing Writer

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