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Is there anything more classic than a weed brownie? They are likely the first edible most of us tried.  My first batch of brownies had the ground-up plant matter baked right into the batter.  Obviously, I had no idea what I was doing.  The folks at CRUMBLE, however, have that recipe down to an art.  Not to mention, they won’t leave green bits of plant matter in your teeth to grind on like a cow chewing cud.

I decided to give these infused brownies a go before my daily 5k run.  I went for the sea salt and caramel brownies first.  They had the perfect crust with a gooey center with no terpy or hashy medicinal flavor.  I couldn’t help but think they would be excellent slightly warmed.  Nevertheless, I ate two 10mg bitesize pieces then hit the trail 20 minutes later.  I could feel them starting to kick in within the first mile of my run.  This put me in the zone immediately.  The tension left my body, the inflammation was gone, and I was floating along the trail, oblivious to my usual pain and stiffness.  These brownies were so uplifting, in fact, I was able to complete a 5k for the first time in years without stopping to walk.  As for the rest of the bag, they made the perfect small dessert and recovery from my run later that evening. 

If sea salt and caramel fudge brownies aren’t your thing, CRUMBLE brand edibles also offers their 50mg bags of goodies in flavors such as cookie’s ‘n cream brownies, chocolate chip cookies, brookies, snickerdoodle toffee, peanut butter, lemon poppy, and lemon streusel.  Head over to stashhousedistro.com to read more about these delectable little morsels or ask for them at your favorite dispensary.

Laine Durand

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