Jackalope Pharms “Lunar Gems” aka Moon Rocks

Jackalope Pharms Lunar Gems aka Moon Rocks - Edibles Magazine Editors Pick Featured Review Oklahoma

Sometimes reaching the elevation required to feel right calls for drastic measures. Sometimes smoking a bowl is fine but other times you need a joint. When a joint doesn’t cut it, a blunt is needed. In those cases when a mere mortal joint does not meet your needs it means you need something special. Something with extra power. You need the new and infused “Lunar Gems” moon rocks from Jackalope Pharms.

The Lunar Gems from Jackalope Pharms are made by taking a high grade nug of light-dep greenhouse grown flower and soaking it in terpene rich cannabis oil, then rolling it in top shelf kief and letting it set, then rolling and dusting it two more times in kief and cannabis dust. They weigh 1.25 grams and are perfect for taking you to the next level. Smoking these one half gram at a time in a pipe or bong is the easiest way to enjoy your gems but they’re very versatile and can be used in joints or blunts too. 

These are for heavy hitters. If you can’t finish it in one turn, there’s no shame in it. Just keep whatever is left in the reusable childproof container and save it for next time. We put a half gram of one of these tasty little stones in our new glass “Rick and Morty” bong with some ice water in it and watched three hours of Ancient Aliens. A potently powerful and intergalactic smoking experience contained in a sweet smelling and dusty little rock that looks like kryptonite on the inside. Find Lunar Gems at an Oklahoma dispensary near you and go to the next level. 

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