Cannabis Concentrate/ Extract Types Explained



A BHO (Butane Hash Oil), it has a glass-like consistency that can range from the usual brittle shatter texture to a tree sap “pull-and-snap”


Typically made from flash frozen flower and then processed into BHO, sauce is a high-terpene extract that can be between a sticky liquid and gritty consistency.

Bubble Hash

A solventless concentrate, Trichomes are removed from the cannabis flower using ice water and mesh screens


Extracted from live resin, THC-A in a crystalline structure that are often referred to as Diamonds

Dry Sift

This is a powdery and dry concentrate made of cannabis trichomes that the average cannabis user may have collecting in their grinder


Used as a base for most edibles and vape cartridges, distillate is a much purer form of THC which can look like a very thick honey


A dry concentrate that is typically cured in a vacuum oven, giving it a whipped, airy texture.

Live Resin

An amber like concentrate made from flash frozen flower to preserve and processed using the BHO method and run through a closed loop extraction.


What defines a carbon-based actual diamond?  Time and pressure. The same goes for cannabis diamonds. They are isolated from Live Resin extracts, refined and purged until you get near pure crystals.


Rick Simpson Oil, more commonly known as RSO, is extracted from whole plant material using solvents like ethanol, after which the alcohol is evaporated off and purified leaving behind a highly concentrated thick concentrate that is usually dark in color. 

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