Easy Street 10mg Wild Berry Sour Indica Gummies Review

Edibles Magazine Reviews Easy Street Cherry Limeade 100mg Gummies

Indica and gummies are two of my favorite things. Together, they make the perfect down-time edible. I have seen Easy Street gummies on plenty of dispensary shelves, but was lucky enough to be given a sample while working the Eat Your Greens event at Studio 30. Not being the type to medicate while at work, I held on to my little bag of relaxation in anticipation of the sunset.

Edibles Magazine Reviews Easy Street Cherry Limeade 100mg Gummies 2

Shortly after arriving home, I tore open the bag. The gummy was one to two-bite sized with a soft texture. It was exactly what I would expect from a pectin-based, vegan candy. The sour dusting jazzed it up a bit, and the flavor was spot on. Icould have guessed it was cherry limeade if I was wearing a blindfold. I was equally impressed by the accuracy of the total serving potency; just .45 away from the 10mg mark.

Within 20-30 minutes, I could feel the solventless THC extract in my system. My eyelids became heavy, and I was one with the couch in no time at all. After an hour, my body and mind were still and calm, making it a breeze to eventually drift off to sleep once I hit the bed. Clearly, the folks at Easy Street care about providing patients like myself with a quality product.

If you’re searching for a reliable, full spectrum candy to help you relax, head on over to your favorite dispensary to take a cruise down Easy Street and try them for yourself. You can taste and feel the hard work and passion in each bite. Visit easystreetextracts.com to sign up for their mailing list.

Laine Durand

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