Edible Review: Kings Blend Hybrid Drink

Kings Blend Citrus hybrid drink is the latest cannabis infused thirst quencher to hit the market. When I first got the bottle I thought we had finally reached that pivotal moment that we all know is coming where cannabis infused beer is going to be the new trend. Well even though the glass has the traditional beer look it is so completely far from the beer taste, which had me doing a standing ovation in the middle of my living room. This tasty concoction powered by Apple Farms smells like a lime/ginger ale soda almost. Fizz and the gingery scent were the first impressions that I got of this intriguing drink. Heavily Carbonated with the consistency taste of a Sprite including that bite that hits the back of the throat as it glides down to belly-land.

This really does make you feel grown like you’re drinking a beer, but it won’t get you sloppy wasted or have you sweating when you really shouldn’t be. The fact that this is 100 mg of a hybrid strain of awesomeness just seemed to call out to me over and over again. I drank this over dinner and conversation, and before I knew it the whole thing was gone. It has a slight cannabis aftertaste that reminded me of a baby dab, so that helped me anticipate or gauge what my high would be like by the end of the night. I wouldn’t be saying it if it wasn’t true, but I really enjoyed this drink. Knowing that the Kottonmouth Kings stand behind it with their reputation helped seal the deal for me. I can’t wait to try the other flavors, so if you know where to find them be sure to let me know how they taste!

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