Mystery Baking Company Pebble Blast 100mg Marsh Mello Bar

Edibles Magazine Reviews - Mystery Baking Pebble Blast Marshmello Bar - packaging

These new marshmallow cereal bars from Mystery Baking company are an exciting new spin on a classic cannabis treat. Rice crispy bars have long been a favorite delicacy among the weed smoking population and often get consumed during “the munchies”. Adding cannabis to the recipe is a marriage of two wonderful things and a great example of stoner synergy. It’s what my friends and I made the day we graduated from high school many years ago. Now you can get crispy cereal bars infused with exactly 100 mg of THC in three different flavors from The Mystery Baking company: Original, Chocolate, or Pebble Blast. I chose the Pebble Blast bar for this review. Upon opening the package and unwrapping the treat, you’re immediately hit with the deliciously nostalgic smell of fruity pebbles. There is absolutely no cannabis odor in this edible.

Edibles Magazine Reviews - Mystery Baking Pebble Blast Marshmello Bar - product only

I decided to eat it on the couch and binge some cartoons, since it was cereal, even though it wasn’t Saturday morning. The Marsh-Mello Bar tasted great. Pretty much exactly what you’d expect fruity pebbles, butter and marshmallows to taste like when combined properly. I ate a fourth of the bar initially and consumed the remaining three as I watched a few hours of “Inside Job” on Netflix. Within 30 minutes I was quite high and laughing to myself as I stretched out on the sofa and sipped on chai tea. I could definitely feel the THC throughout my body and was incredibly relaxed. 100 mg is a lot for some people, not so much for others. It’s important to know your dose and try not to over indulge too quickly. You can always have more but you can’t go back and have less. That being said, you should definitely try the Mystery BakingCompany Pebble Blast Marsh Mello Bar as soon as you can. They’re available throughout Oklahoma at many of your favorite dispensaries. Check out more of what’s up with MBC at mysterybaking.com.

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