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One of the new charms in the Boston Massachusetts area is Ermont dispensary. They are one of ten active licenses in the Mass area that recently opened their doors, and began to service local patients drastically improving their quality of life.

After three years of delays, Ermont dispensary is now adding themselves to the group of distinguished companies entering into the cannabis space in the East Coast market. The company, who was awarded a license in 2013, sat down with Edibles List to discuss some of the trials and triumphs they’ve experienced since opening their doors less than ten months ago. Currently Ermont is the only vertically integrated dispensary in Mass that has their grow, lab, and kitchen all in the same location. This allows them to not only have access from seed to sale of their product, but they can also stand by the quality since they know the direct source of their starting plant material. Quality cannabis with local seasonal ingredients is the only way at Ermont, and they use their 20+ years of culinary and business experience to run operations like mainstream restaurant kitchen standards.

They clearly understand the objective is to make sure the product is of the highest quality and safe for patient consumption. One of the popular items on the menu is their 125 milligram cannabis infused cheese pizza, but they offer sauces drinks, and other savory items as well. For the flower connoisseur they have Sunset Sherbert as the house favorite, and Black Widow for the patient preferring indica dominant strains.

They proudly boast about the great relationship they have with local inspectors who do random mandatory inspections on all facilities that service cannabis. One of the hurdles that they continue to deal with is lack of help during the post harvesting phase. They need more trimmers, and are always looking for qualified personnel to join the team. All in all Ermont wants to be considered a serious medical facility, and they run the business and patient based business accordingly.


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