HWY 101 Smoky Coco Spice Hemp Nut Granola

HWY 101 Smoky Coco Spice Hemp Nut Granola

I switched up my breakfast this week from a banana and oatmeal to a Smoky Coco Spice hemp nut granola bar. This bar, made by HWY Brand, contains 20mg CBD, and no THC. The flavors that stuck out to me were the honey, granola, cocoa, and that hint of cayenne pepper. The bar was chewy and hardy, with enough of a crunch to keep the texture changing and evolving as i enjoyed its complex flavors.

The sleek front of the wrapping proudly boasts that the bar is naturally paleo, and the back has very clear information about exactly what goes into this Mammoth Bar. The ingredients are a hippie’s dream; cashews, walnuts, honey, hemp seeds, coconut flakes and nutmeg to name a few, and no gluten, soy, dairy, or added sugar. With only 240 calories, including 150 calories from fat, 6 grams of protein, 10 grams sugar, and 19 grams carbs, this bar is a great breakfast, snack, pick me up before or after a workout, or alternative to a Snickers bar.

I was shocked to eat this Smoky Coco Spice bar and then proceed to clean my apartment, send emails I needed to send, stretch, work out, and still have energy to play with my cat, all before noon. As a non-caffeine drinking every day smoker myself, I will often use weed to get me going and keep me going throughout the day. This bar was a wonderful alternative to smoking in the morning, as I felt all the same calming and energizing effects of my morning joint but without feeling stoned.

You can find them at www.hwybrand.com where you can order your own box of bars, or on instagram at @hwybrand where they post regularly. I can’t wait to try their other flavors Apple Cinnamon and Coco Banana. At $6 per bar, HWY Brand is a steal. Enjoy!

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