Letter From the Editor 60: The Gift Issue

Greetings my friends,


The holiday season is here again. Whatever you celebrate, we hope you celebrate in style with plenty of friends, family, good edibles, and sweet cannabis. This year we’ve been to Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Krampus, Christmas, and Festivus celebrations and there’s still more to come, including New Year’s Eve and Day. What they all had in common so far is lots and lots of great weed and infused food. Here in Los Angeles it’s an interesting place to celebrate the winter season. Hollywood has L Ron Hubbard’s Scientology Winter Wonderland, and both The Grove and Universal Studios create lots of artificial snow and/or man-made real snow to lend feelings of authenticity to their Santa’s workshops and Grinch villages. Wherever you may be, just be sure you medicate and celebrate safely. 


The holidaze are an amazing time for edibles. Every day is really, but the holiday season is a celebration of baking, comfort food, and camaraderie that really just lends itself perfectly to making homemade edibles and infused foods with the people you love. We’ve got some very special recipes we’ve selected to help make those festive days danker and more delicious. There’s even some kosher Hanukkah dishes  we’ve included courtesy of Shifra Klein from The Mitzva Wellness company. We hosted a live and fully infused Hanukkah Marijuanica show with Mitzva this season and are happy to announce that it marked the debut of season 2 of The Edibles Show, now produced by Better Box TV and SpeedWeed. Shifra also wrote The Hanukkah-Marijuanica-Chronica article in this issue so be sure to give that a read. This issue also features, “The Strange and Racist, Drug Fueled, Pagan Origins of Christmas”. Krampus, Klingons, Demons, Magic Mushrooms and Blackface.. Oh my. We dug deep and it turns out the various pagan celebrations and cultural traditions that have come together to build the world’s most popular holiday are far weirder than any of us here even realized. We also have the cannabis gift guide 2019, a special holidaze themed crossword puzzle, all the latest news about marijuana politics from around the world, and some great new product reviews to help you stay high in the new year so enjoy The Gift Issue. 


Love and believe in yourself. And don’t forget that your cannabis loves and believes in you too.  HAPPY HOLIDAZE FROM ALL OF US HERE AT EDIBLES MAGAZINE!


As always, smile at your budtender, tip your delivery driver, and know your dose.  


“Truth is not obliged to stick to possibilities.”


Patrick Ian Moore



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