Letter From the New Editor-in-Chief

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Greetings and Salutations to the wonderful readers of Edibles List Magazine. I’m Patrick Ian Moore and I’d like to introduce myself as your new Editor-In-Chief. B. Le Grand needs to devote more time to going on secret missions these days, so I’ll now be taking over this position. I feel ready for the challenge, am quite excited to be accepting this opportunity, and am really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for our industry – which seems to be growing exponentially and in every direction with each new day. I’ve been here working as senior editor of Edibles since the November issue, and it’s been great getting to be part of this publication and to work with this awesome team.

Since my time first coming to Edibles List in October, we’ve already done several events and projects that I’m extremely proud of – like The Infused Expo, The Holiday Ganja Gift Guide, and The 3rd Annual Edibles Awards Show. We also had amazing interviews with a wide variety of subjects, like Oscar Nominated Actor Eric Roberts and NASA Botanist Professor Dale J. Chamberlain. We’ve covered the future of space age intergalactic cannabis, and also looked at the history of ancient marijuana use in Southeast Asia. I really can’t wait to see where we go, and what we do next.

This is a great new issue we have for you, covering The Best of Edibles Awards Show, Pro-Wrestling superstar Rob Van Dam, Measure M and what it means for LA, K-Town Cannabis Chicken and Waffles, and so much more. Getting to work with Rob Van Dam for the couple of days we spent shooting with him at Venice Beach was a real pleasure. It’s always so inspiring to meet celebrities who turn out to be genuinely kind and generous people, and seeing RVD interact with the fans who approached him was just always really super cool.

Next month is April, and 4/20 is pretty much the biggest holiday of the year in our world. We’ll be back at Casa Vertigo on April 20th celebrating with a great day of infused fun at a very special Cannabis Casino, and rumor is there’s going to be a bouncey house there too! I’m guessing I may have just told you what your plans that day are going to be.

Thanks so much for reading, know your dose, medicate well, and all that good stuff!

~Patrick Ian Moore

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