Letter From the Publisher – Issue 67

Letter From The Publisher - Edibles Magazine - Cannabis News - Issue 67 - The Celebrity Issue

Aloha Edibles Readers, 

Going into our 67th issue of Edibles Magazine™ in a post pandemic world brings a new perspective for us. Every issue we produce is a labor of love as we seek to help educate and inform. Knowledge is power, and in some cases it’s the difference between turning to cannabis for retention of quality of life and unnecessary pain and suffering. We are now celebrating our eighth year of our print publication in circulation throughout the states. 

They say you never work a day in your life if you do what you love. Eleven years ago when I started EdiblesList.com and Edibles Magazine™, I knew legalization was coming, and I knew it would occur on a state by state basis. Now in 2021, Federal legalization is on the horizon. However, a federal cannabis tax could potentially ruin the market with over taxation if uncoordinated with readjusting the local state and municipal taxes associated with highly regulated markets. On the flip side it could be a game changer allowing interstate commerce and central production for manufacturers and cultivators. It could even allow for international export and trade to other Federally legalized countries like Canada, Uruguay or Jamaica. 

Meanwhile, in the nation’s fastest growing regulated medical cannabis market, and after many failed attempts, Oklahoma is about to legalize cannabis for adult-use. Oklahoma has created a regulated free cannabis market, unlike any other state in the nation. Entrepreneurs at all stages and calibers can get licensed and operate a commercial cannabis business. The state has treated it as a “May the Best Man Win,” type market, and we appreciate that, because that’s how it should be. Oklahoma has essentially treated it like a normal business that has oversight, regulation and licensing fees. 

It’s been a long hard journey in doing what we love, but I often say that, “I didn’t choose cannabis. Cannabis chose me.” 

Eleven years have flown by. Sometimes I feel like we’re just getting started. While we have fun and good time with our interviews, photo shoots, podcasts, and editorials, we care very deeply about the work, content and outreach we put out in the world.

We’ve shared impactful patient stories and helped to change lives. When patients share with me how our publication has helped change their mother or grandmother’s lives, helping them see the true benefits of medical cannabis use, I know I’ve done my job. If we affect just one person positively on this mission of education and change, our work has  fulfilling meaning. 

To many more firsts, memories and spreading the word, in this millenia and the next, 

Mahalo Nui Loa! A hui ho!

~B. Le Grand , CEO & Publisher

“Treat others how you want to be treated.”

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