Original K’s CBD Sleep Drink

This product had me sleeping like a rock and waking up like a rockstar. The sleek, 5 Hour Energy reminiscent bottle recommends taking half the bottle as a dose – for me that was three quick gulps – about 20 minutes before bed. I used it one night after some light drinking, and one night with no alcohol in my system. The next morning after my night of drinking, I woke up feeling refreshed and clear headed. They don’t claim to be a hangover cure, and while it didn’t totally cure the effects of the whiskey I had consumed the night before, it certainly mitigated their impact on my morning. The morning after I tried this CBD drink sober, I woke up early and with the kind of alertness that usually only happens in movies. It was awesome.

I have been trying to find a natural sleep aid for some time now, and CBD has been a savior for me. More and more, companies are able to research the medicinal properties of the non-psychoactive properties of cannabis known as CBD. Sleep aids are a wonderful thing to come out of our country leaning into cannabis legalization.

The taste of this particular drink was great. Sweet, but not overtly sugary. The ingredients include: Melatonin, Chamomile, Valerian Root, Passion Flower Extract. Like a nice light fruit drink. It went down smooth and actually felt like a nice little before bed treat. The bottle is small enough to fit into your pocket or backpack for overnight trips, and the cap is easy to open and to close. I appreciated that the bottle actually contained two nights worth of CBD sleep help. Because you can’t ‘overdose’ on CBD, I didn’t mind that I had to guesstimate my dose. I recommend this product to people looking for a light sleep aid that tastes great and is natural.

Visit originalks.com online to find out where you can get a bottle for yourself.

Hughie StoneFish

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