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This week I got to try Get Zen’s CBD capsules, and I was very pleased with my whole experience. In their words ‘Get Zen is on a mission to improve the quality of life for patients by manufacturing the highest quality medicinal hemp products. Our goal is to bring honesty, integrity and accountability to the hemp market.’

Get Zen ‘started using CBD isolate instead of full spectrum hemp oil because many patients were experiencing drowsiness and fatigue from the “entourage effects” of other cannabinoids instead of the desired symptom relief from CBD without the negative effects.” I tried two different pills – the red Cannaprofen pill and the blue/purple Tranquility pill. The red cannaprofen pill is ‘the answer for those looking to get the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the high.’ 25mg dose is the perfect amount to get your body and mind feeling right, but not drowsy or overwhelmed. I have been making my own transition to enjoying more CBD products; I enjoy feeling the things i enjoy about THC – being relaxed but also stimulated – without the cloudiness that can sometimes come with THC ingestion. CBD capsules like these are a great alternative to a morning smoke; get the energy and the clarity of that first hit in the morning without the mid day come down that can sometimes accompany it.

The Tranquility pill is exactly as its name would have you believe. ‘This low dose capsule delivers CBD oil for anxiety and is a great solution for anxious people.’ I tend to be an outwardly pretty chill guy with a brain that sometimes runs 100 miles a minute. Cannabis is a big part of how I remember to take deep breaths and enjoy life. Just like with the red pill, this Tranquility CBD pill helped to ease some of that anxiety in my brain and in my body. I recommend for use throughout the day!

You can learn more about Get Zen and these great CBD capsules at www.GetZenCA.com

Hughie Stonefish

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