Quimrock Female Intimate Lubricant

Quimrock Female Intimate Lubricant

Quim Rock, is a one of a kind intimate oil that helped me achieve a mind blowing orgasm. I’m here to share my experience with you. My partner and I set aside some time to try Quim Rock for ourselves. Having been in the sex industry for a combined 17 years, we’ve both been exposed to many different types of lubricants and pleasure related products. Only recently have I been thinking about the chemicals and additives contained in products aimed at pleasure. This is the first product I have seen that explicitly prioritizes vaginal health. This intimate oil uses the “natural powers of cannabis and the antiseptic properties of tea tree oil” to deliver a truly unique experience with health benefits as well. We followed the directions and applied the forest green colored oil to my vulva and surrounding areas and put a little inside my vagina. The instructions stated to wait 20 minutes for Quim Rock to take full effect, so we went along with our usual foreplay routine.

The first thing we noticed about Quim Rock is that there are only a few ingredients – all of which I am familiar with, am already using and can actually pronounce. Quim Rock is made with coconut oil, tea tree oil and essential oils which give it a fresh, floral scent that we instantly loved. It smells wonderful. After a few minutes, I noticed a cool feeling that slowly became an intense sensation coming from deep within me. That deep aching inside could only mean one thing… We followed that feeling and before long I was able to have the most explosive, full body orgasm because of Quim Rock.

Quim Rock has two formulas to choose from: Curious and Sensitive. I recommend buying both so you are able to customize the ratio to achieve the type of orgasm you want to have. I found my magical combination using equal amounts of both formulas at the same time. I firmly believe that if more people were having more orgasms, the world would be a better place.
Learn more at: quimrock.com/getyours.

April Flores

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