The Mystery Baking Company is Delicious: Case Closed! Act Deux


The Mystery Baking Co. is bringing innovative, new and medical marijuana infused ideas to classic treats and delicious dishes, and takes a certain amount of creative inspiration from the mildly psychedelic cartoon “Scooby-Doo, Where are You!” which originally debuted in 1969. That makes sense, being that the creator and owner goes by “Scooby” and has since before he can remember. Scooby wasn’t always a creator of cannabis infused edibles – once upon a time he was producing music events and hip-hop concerts, and doing fun runs wearing a full size Scooby- Doo costume.

When he decided to begin producing edibles way back in 2010, it was out of necessity. Scooby had been in a bad car accident and the actual Mystery Machine van he drove was totaled, his back was hurt badly and he was left in terrible pain. There weren’t affordable edibles on the market at the time and the few things that were available were too expensive. He got some good cannabis and made his own infused butter at home which he consumed everyday. It worked and in time his back stopped hurting. He needed relief for his pain and started making his own because he needed them but it got him thinking…. “Who else out there needs this?”.


He made the decision to share his creation with the patients who were going to medical dispensaries. At the time, it seemed natural enough to start by making “Scooby Snacks,” which were marshmallow and cocoa puff treats infused with canna-butter. Things went well, and Scooby continued producing events and making and selling Scooby Snacks to dispensaries. As the years went by and the industry continued to change and evolve, he noticed certain trends come and go. There seemed to be a lot of “edibles” but a lack of “spreadables.” Patients seemed just as interested in getting the butter fueling the Scooby Snacks as they were in the actual products, and if people wanted the butter, there was a really good chance they’d want evenmore.

After carefully considering all the different spreadable options he had to choose from, Scooby settled on producing a line of four infused spreadable products: Butter, Peanut Butter, Honey, and Hazelnut Spread. Each container is 4 ounces and every 4 oz contains 300mg of tetrahydrocannabinol.

Scooby’s passion for edibles led him to sending his entire crew to culinary school in Southern California, where Award Winning Chef Susan Holtz from The Baking and Cake Art Academy was their mentor. “Not only did she teach us recipes and how to work the kitchen but she also showed us how to work under pressure and kitchen etiquette,” Scooby said.


All of The Mystery Baking Co. products are infused with top quality extract made from top shelf OG Indica flowers from their organic greenhouse. The ingredients used producing the Mystery Baking Co. infused spreadables are all natural, locally grown and organic. Peanut Butter itself has various health benefits too. Peanut butter is good foryour heart, is an awesome energy booster, isrich in fiber, contains potassium, can lowerchances of developing diabetes, is fantastic for bone health, and helps with weight loss. Cannabidiol can have numerous medicinal benefits that include being very helpful for the relief of certain kinds of pain, has an anti-inflammatory effect, protects and heals the skin, promotes better cholesterol profiles resulting in lowered risk of cardiovascular disease, helps maintain brain health and create resilience to trauma and degeneration, reduces risk of cancer, and reduces the risk of diabetes and obesity, and protecting against bone disease. It can also be useful in treating depression and mood disorders, anxiety and stress.

The world of medical cannabis edibles isn’t always easy to predict and regulations arein a seemingly constant state of flux and change. Despite these truths, it definitelyseems like more and more people are going back to infusing their own food at home or hoping to incorporate medicine into actual meals, which is easier said than done for many people.


When you’re a medical marijuana patient, sometimes it’s hard to get the right dose, or high enough dose if you are suffering in pain. Edibles can be a great way to combat severe pain or get the high enough dose you need for the ailment you might be dealing with. Making your own edibles is a great way to enjoy your medicine the way you want to.

Peanut butter, honey and butter are some of the easiest ways for folks to infuse their own breakfasts and snacks, and hazelnut butter is quickly gaining popularity in the states. Keeping it simple by adding any of these potently delicious products to toast or bagels is easy enough. For the more confidentor adventurous chefs out there, it’s an absolutely perfect way to infuse homemadecrepes or muffins. If you’re interested inmaking your own pumpkin pie infused with The Mystery Baking Co. Butter, as seen on this very cover, check out our recipe in this very article. The Mystery Baking Co. Canna- Butter melts perfectly and is ideal for making a cannabis powered grilled cheese sandwich or to pour over fresh popped popcorn to enjoy on the couch with a movie as you getyour entertainment fix at home while socialdistancing. For fans of peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and honey sandwiches, Mystery Baking Co. has what you need to make both and the combination tastes wonderful.

Medical marijuana infused honey also makes infusing beverages and smoothies easier than ever and adds just the right amount of all-natural sweetness. Adding some infused honey into hot tea is also a great way to keep your throat and voice safe during the cold months of the winter. Hot tip, in addition to using infused honey in some hot cocoa or cacao, you can infuse some hot tea at home, and then leave it in the refrigerator so you can enjoy some medicated cold sweet tea as well. Infused spreadables certainly seem to have a bright and delicious future when it comes to the edibles industry.

Experts and amateurs alike will have notrouble finding plenty of ways to use theMystery Baking Co. products and if you need new ideas or to be inspired, they have recipes you can use available online. Learn how to make the pie featured on the cover, or visit for more infused recipes. We’ve got tacos, turkey burgers – and of course they have all the necessary ingredients to create the king munchie masterpiece: a peanut butter, banana, bacon, and honey sandwich powered by cannabis, also known as an “Infused Elvis.”


Mystery Baking Co. as the first companywe ever knew of to do a Hazelnut Chocolate Spread. Nutella really seemed to get popular in the last few years, once it was prominently featured on The Great Food Truck Race on The Food Network and crepes began to grow in the American mainstream. The hazelnut chocolate spread is made by taking cocoa powder and mixing it with hazelnuts, sugar, vanillin and skim milk until it becomes a paste- like spread, then it’s ready to be infused. In addition to THC, Mystery Baking Co. is also doing CBD infused versions of their spreads.

Mystery Baking Co. also won a number of awards in this year’s Best of Edibles List Awards, “Best Honey” and “Best Brownie” among them. Best Brownie and Best Honey are two of the most highly coveted awards that are given, being that they’re both two of the most popular and classic edibles. Oftentimes when you use the word “edible”, people will often ask, “like a weed brownie?” It’s the most traditional of all the cannabis infused foods and honey is one of the things that makes infusing at home the simplest and sweetest for many people.

Mystery also makes 10mg honey infused honey sticks, Honey has a number of medicinal benefits and is great for sore throats and coughing, it’s an all natural anti-inflammatory and can calm swelling, coat your throat to keep out bacteria, heal minor burns, is full of antioxidants, contains nutrients, aids in lowering blood pressure, helps improve cholesterol and can lower triglycerides.


The Mystery Baking Co. isn’t stopping at spreads. They also have an award winning line of candies and baked goods includinga variety of different flavored gummies,brownies, cookies. The Brownies include cream cheese, cookies and cream, rainbow candy, classic and almond.The line of cookies feature flavors likedouble chocolate chip, white chocolate and snickerdoodle. There’s also infused marshmallow cereal bars made from both chocolate and fruity cereal. There is even a line of medical marijuana infused syrups.

Back in the pre-pandemic days when you used to see the Mystery Baking Co. staff at medical marijuana industry events, they’d be making sandwiches and doing everything they could to make sure everyone had the best possible time. If we ever go back to being able to have regular cannabis events again and you see them at a convention or expo, be sure you say “Hi: to Scooby and the gang.”

As I have said before: “If there was ever any question, the mystery has been solved: Mystery Baking Co. is delicious – caseclosed!”

Now just for fun, try re-reading this entire article out loud in a Scooby-Doo voice.

Patrick Ian Moore

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