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With so many choices of medicated gummies on the market today, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. If you’re anything like me, you want a consistent product that tastes great and relieves what ails you.  ROBHOTS gummies are remarkably each of these things. At 10mg per piece, they are a safe dose for almost any patient or consumer. If you want something a little stronger, they offer them in 50mg doses as well.

I got my hands on a bottle of ROBHOTS gummies and promptly darted home from work to give them a try. This particular bottle contained Cherry, Grape, and Strawberry.  While I generally prefer strawberry-flavored candies, I decided to try the first one I grabbed. It was cherry! The consistency was perfectly chewy and the flavor was immensely satisfying. With almost no “hashy” taste, my biggest obstacle was taking no more than my usual dose, though my taste buds craved more. In about 15 minutes, I began to feel the effects of the raw distillate. Minute by minute, relaxation set in and forced its way from the core of my spine to the tips of my fingers. I was carefree and floating, but most importantly, I was pain-free thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of this masterfully-crafted medicinal treat.

I’ll go to bat for these gummies like Babe Ruth in a ninth inning tie game. Consider this product a homerun in a packed stadium.  Head over to their website to see where you can find them and take a swing for yourselves.  


By Laine Durand

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