The Problem Salver by The Collective Collection

The Problem Salver by The Collective Collection

I don’t know about you, but as a chronic pain sufferer and cannabis patient for over 15 years I have grown to love this ever-growing cannabis industry. When I first entered into the medical cannabis world, I would have to use homemade cannabis tinctures or smother a canna coconut oil over my body to provide relief. Nowadays I am lucky to have so many lab tested, effective products to choose from. The Problem Salver, by The Collective Collection was a score of a freebie in a gift bag I received at a Cannabis Social event, and I must say I have been a satisfied customer ever since.

I have 2 different chronic pain conditions and have learned to use all different forms of cannabis to ease my symptoms, but when it comes to topicals getting “high” is not as high on my benefit list as is the efficacy of the topical I am using.

The Problem Salver comes in a small gold tin that is filled with 2 fl oz. and 250 mg of THC goodness. To start, the certified organic salve is one of the best smelling topicals I have found. A slight floral aroma with hints of clary sage, orange and menthol. Once you unscrew the lid your nose is welcomed by the beautiful herb infused aroma. This scent is so stimulating it also cleared my sinuses during flu season. Just a little wave over the waxy surface with my finger and a gentle rub into my palms before taking a deep inhale, not only opened my sinuses but also gave my senses a nice aromatherapy bath calming my nerves one breath at a time.
The lid also states their salve is a triple medicated organic topical pain reliever that is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and includes a special skin regenerating formula. I was instantly intrigued and continued to dive in. When it comes to pain relief, the “Problem Salver” definitely lived up to its name.

My problem is the symptoms of my pain condition are extensive and include: swelling, inflammation, hypersensitivity on the skin as well as bone and nerve pain. It is very difficult to find a product that can help all of those at once. This salve was incredible. I was able to use the back of my nail over the top of the surface to distribute to first dose. At first it almost felt like the wax from a soy candle, as I started to massage it over my foot I found that it easily absorbed into an oil that was moisturizing like a lotion. Once applied I instantly felt relief just massaging the oil into the sore areas of my foot. It felt relaxing and instantly soothed the hypersensitive nerve sensation. After about 30 minutes, a left foot that was once so swollen my cute giraffe sock left a not so cute giraffe indention from the middle of my leg to my toes, was now starting to slowly disappear. Not only did the swelling go down to match its normal right foot brother, the pain, both nerve and bone, had gone from a level 9 to a manageable level 4. Trust me when I say when you live in a pain level of 8 the majority of your waking life, anything that can give this relief without also affecting other organs is a win!

Now to solve my second problem, “Where can I find this product”? It appears they are very hard to find, ask your favorite shop to carry this amazing product so you can get the relief I did with this, “magic salve.”

Jakki Hernandez

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