Dipper by Dipstick + 710 Speakeasy THC Dab Dispenser

Dipper by Dipstick + 710/Speakeasy THC Dab Dispenser

My parents have been smoking weed way longer than I’ve even been alive. They’ve clocked years of experience in cannabis consumption and pioneering that I may never match, and yet their familiarity with the new generation of cannabis products and devices is still a brand new world of exploration for them. Both Mom and Dad have been every day cannabis users for decades, but each has found that they are now less and less able to tolerate ingesting actual smoke.

As a result, my mother has become the vape pen queen, taking sips from the vape attached to a lanyard around her neck in between crocheting potholders and baby blankets. My dad has become a world class infused baker, crafting THC infused treats like Pumpkin “Pot” Pie, and Infused Rum Balls to effectively dose the family into submission, but he himself doesn’t particularly enjoy the high that comes from eating THC.

So when I brought home the Dipper Vaporizer from Dipstick Vapes along with a Speakeasy 710 Dab Dispenser for the holidays, my family was intrigued, but dubious. Though my brother and I are die hard dabbers, Pops never picked up the habit–even though he’s historically been pretty stoked about activities that involve a blow torch. He says dabbing is definitely a “millennials thing.”

The Dipper Vaporizer is a great device for first time dabbers who may be intimidated by the traditional experience of heating up a nail and using a full dab rig. The Dipper Vaporizer combines the technology of a nectar collector and a vape pen for an low impact way to consume wax and oil products, such as Speakeasy 710’s 75% THC golden cannabis oil which comes in a handy 1 gram, clean and discreet dab dispenser that takes both the mess and the hassle out of dealing with cannabis oil. The device contains a secret metal pin hidden in the bottom of the dispenser and attaches to the tip. Simply twisting the dispenser creates the ultimate applicator for dabbing, wax joints, or even refilling Speakeasy 710 vape cartridges. Both Mom and Dad happily dabbed their way through Thanksgiving and as I packed my bags and my leftovers to head home to Los Angeles the following day, Dad casually asked if I was bringing the Dipper Vaporizer with me, or if they got to keep it. Though I’d been looking forward to incorporating the Dipper Vaporizer into my cannabis regime, I was happy to part with it for the good of the family. Introducing a new way for my veteran stoner parents to enjoy cannabis is one of the best presents I could ask for this holiday season–aside from maybe another Dipper Vaporizer and a refill of Speakeasy 710 oil. Santa, I hope you’re listening.

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