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Milcah Halili and April Flores are on a mission to make the mindful use of cannabis more accessible to minority communities, which is why they founded Fat Flower Media last year, a blog aimed to help minorities grow beyond the glass ceiling with the use of medical cannabis.

“We are a queer couple of color,” says Hilali. “April is from the Mexican community, I’m Filipino.”

The couple spoke to me on speaker phone while driving down the freeway. Flores is a Los Angeles native and Hilali is from the Bay Area.

We talked about the necessity of the cannabis industry to have a reparationaist agenda and prioritize entrepreneurs from communities who have been disproportionately affected by the war on drugs. Fat Flower Media amplifies products and services that share the values that the couple believe in, which include cultivating a minimal carbon footprint, investing in an inclusive and diverse community, and limiting the use of harsh chemicals.

Fat Flower Media also aims to educate their readers about the healing properties of cannabis, especially surrounding trauma associated with the aggressions and micro-aggressions that queer people of color face regularly.

The real life couple, who met while working in the adult industry, say they fostered their relationship while using cannabis medicinally and recreationally together. Much of their blog is devoted to how cannabis can enhance connection and intimacy with a partner–from practical advice such as, “Cannabis can help with lack of appetite and can prevent fights,” to recommendations for a sweet stoney date night with joints on the beach, a shared edible, and some infused lubricant.

Fat Flower was founded on the belief that you can be your best self “while being high as fuck” on high quality cannabis, and the picturesque power couple behind the blog are living proof of just that.

Siouxsie Q

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