Delta 9 OG Kush Cartridges

Delta 9 OG Kush Cartridges

The Delta Vape 2.0 is probably the most durable and sturdy vape battery I’ve ever used that still had a 5/10 thread. It’s a bit bigger and heavier than the typical pen you’d use with a replaceable cartridge, yet still a sleek and convenient design. The precision ceramic heat control is a nice feature, as is the handy pocket size carrying case and lifetime warranty.

To experience the optimum puff, it is suggested that you inhale slowly and steadily for 8 seconds while holding and pressing the ignitor button. It also fully charges in less than 40 minutes without ever having to remove the cartridge. Speaking of cartridges – The Delta Max 2.0 cartridges go perfectly with that super size battery and look like a heavy hitting piece of science fiction fun when assembled together. These carts pack a whopping 1000 mg of highly potent and totally pure 100% cannabis oil with absolutely no added flavoring or propylene glycol. The taste is very good – smooth and mellow and the puffs produce big clouds and plumes ideal for blowing those all natural smoke rings. I only needed to hit it a few times before I was feeling the effects and smiling wide.

There are plenty of other choices too, including Monkey Berry and Strawberry AK. I’m highly recommending this product for fans of vaping who are looking for the next level of personal vaporizer device. They take their name of course from Delta9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and believe me that there is plenty of it inside. When fully assembled, his product also reminds me of Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver, so tap into your inner Time Lord and go get your vape on. To learn more and view the full line of products, visit

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