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Clarks Cans Pre-Packed Cannabis Flower Product Review

Times are a changin, and so have the availability of cannabis products. Of course this happens when a visionary comes along and lights the path with clarity. This is what has been done with the creative development of Clark’s Cannabis. This nitrogen sealed cans hold an eighth (3.6) and look to retail at close to the $40 mark to consumers. Safe, sealed, with a reusable lid to keep what you don’t use nice and fresh. Being that it’s sealed in nitrogen the shelf life for freshness is set for at least a year.

I receive a Clark’s Cannabis can of White Fire OG….ohhh the can is well marked with information. Strain, check, weight, check, levels of THC, check and an easy pull tab on the top to open. I was feeling like a sophisticated cannabis connoisseur with this well develop Clark’s Cannabis can. But I come from the days of a “$10, 5 Finger Lid” and you didn’t know what you were inhaling. When you popped open the can, out came the pungent aroma of a frosty OG and the buds were well preserved and not dried out. I ground up a bud for my famous 2 gram pre roll, hey that’s just the way I roll, In buds and in life! I sat back at my computer desk (I was working) and enjoyed my appreciation for the flower. I know that Clark is a longtime respected former cultivator and he is an appreciator of fine flower. With the inhalation Clark didn’t disappoint me.

Yes you can’t see the flower before your purchase it in the can, but you understand that the packaging is so the buds can be well protected and preserved. The quality was excellent and the price was very acceptable. These are available in California at this time and I understand that they are seeking to expand into other states. Clark has other fine products and the website has the list of other desirable products for your consideration. You may visit the website at www.cannabisbuyers.com and find out where to find the array of canned flower from Clark’s Cannabis.

Keiko Beatie

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