California Cannabis Facility Makes Hand Sanitizer to Fight The Coronavirus

The Galley of Santa Rosa steps up to meet the demands of COVID-19

April 7, 2020 (Santa Rosa, California)– The Galley of Santa Rosa, California, joins a wave of cannabis companies’ efforts to support the urgent need for supplies brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Channeling resources at their state-of-the-art manufacturing and production facility, a first run of “Stop & Sanitize” will include 25,000 units for distribution to hospitals, retail shops, grocery, and drug stores. The Galley has been built to FDA and CDPH standards and capable of meeting high demands in multiple cannabis product categories. Using operational expertise and a cutting edge facility, the company will provide bottles of hand sanitizer to retailers in need.

Annie Holman, Acting CEO of The Galley, shares, “It’s our civic duty to do what we can to save lives. Our “Stop & Sanitize” hand sanitizer is made with great care in a sterilized setting and we want to contribute in some way to help people & our community in this crisis.”

Director of Operations Cheriene Griffith comments on manufacturing practices stating, “We have followed the strict FDA temporary guidelines for this purpose and our plant to ensure the product is safe.”

CGA Packaging of Santa Rosa will provide donations of labels and packaging for the “Stop & Sanitize” product. Wherefour, a local Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology company, will donate services to support expedited production.

About The Galley:

The Galley facility is located in Santa Rosa, California. Built to FDA and CDPH standards, the plant focuses on high demand areas of production such as Topicals, Tinctures, Chocolate, Hard Candies, Gummies, Pre-Rolls, Flower, Vapes, and Beverages. The Galley uses cutting-edge practices through automation, premium equipment, and innovative operational design to rapidly scale production of high-quality cannabis products across multiple categories. One-stop production expertise sets The Galley apart from industry peers and positions the Northern California facility to serve top tier in-state and out-of-state cannabis brands.

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