Buying a Bong: 5 Things to Consider

Bong Bong Bong

Are you in the market for a new bong and want to replace your old one but don’t know what to consider or what to keep an eye out for? Do you want to know more about the different things that you should consider before choosing a new bong?

Bongs are water pipes that use the water as a filtration device to make smoke smoother and cleaner. They are an incredibly traditional method of consumption when it comes to cannabis and something that have become even more popular in the last few decades. Almost any frequent cannabis user will tell you that they have used a bong before and have them as backups in case the other methods are unavailable or a product breaks.

These days there are all sorts of different bongs out there and they are very easily available online, but they can be fickle, and it can be difficult to decide on the best piece for you. Here is what to consider when choosing a bong.

  1. The Size

The very first thing that you should be considering when choosing a bong is the size of it. These days we are not restricted to just a standard size but there are all sorts ranging from incredibly large to teeny tiny and they all serve different purposes and are suitable for different outcomes.

Smaller pieces are easier to store and simple to use but they don’t offer the same big hits as larger bongs. Choosing a size that is suitable for you is purely your personal preference and what kind of hit you want from it. Do you want something big and strong, or do you want something smaller and easier to handle?

Typically, bigger bongs are better for those who have more experience when it comes to using them because they are a bit more difficult to use and require strong lungs.

  1. The Type

When you look at different types of bongs, you can also consider things such as straight tubes, beakers, or even round bases. For those who want something a little bit more stylish, there are even bongs inspired by popular brands such as Louis Vuitton and Chenel. While they all essentially do the same thing, they can offer a different outcome depending on the bong that you are using.

  1. The Material

While glass isn’t the only material that is used for bongs, it is the most popular and the most common material that you will come across. With that said, when it comes to choosing a bong that is made of glass you want to look at the quality of it and the thickness of it to ensure that it is good and something worth spending a good amount of money on.

It is no secret that glass is fragile and can break very easily, especially when there is heat near it, so when it comes to choosing a bong you want to look at the quality of the glass and make sure that it is good quality glass that is relatively thick. The thicker the glass the less difficult it will be to look after and the less likely you are to break it.

While this may be a little bit more expensive to buy a quality product, it will last a lot longer which is more worth it in the long run.

  1. The Components

When looking at what a bong is composed of, there are different components including the bong itself which has the mouthpiece, the water chamber, and a place for the bowl to fit in. Then you also usually have a bowl that is a separate piece that fits into the bong.

Each of these different components is very important on its own and something that you should look at individually to make the bong as a whole work to the best of its ability.

You can buy bowls separately from the bong itself or you can use one that is included with the bong but choosing one separately will allow you to have the best experience possible

  1. The Quality

Last but not least it is important to consider the quality of your bong when choosing the right one for you. For those who are just trying out bongs for the first time, it’s OK to use a cheaper one that might not last you as long just to test it out.

However, if you’re looking for something that lasts you longer and gives you the best experience possible then you might want to consider looking for something that is of higher quality.

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