Western Illinois University’s Cannabis and Culture Degree

Earlier this month, Western Illinois University’s faculty senate approved another cannabis-related minor that will be offered through their College of Arts and Sciences. 

The new 19-credit minor, “Cannabis and Culture,” was created by WIU professors Sarah Haynes and Heather McIlvane-Newsad, covering areas of botany, history, anthropology, philosophy, religious studies, liberal arts and sciences, and political science, with interesting courses titled “Religion and Drugs,” “Ethnobotany,” and “Contemporary Moral Problems.” 

But before you get excited, you will not be handling cannabis in these courses. But on the upside, this also means students of all ages can participate. 

“We’re hoping this minor, while unique, will help educate others about cannabis use and help normalize it in a way to break down some of that stigma that has been around its use. As the industry expands, we just see this as an opportunity to offer the background and skills to work in the industry,” said Haynes. 

Haynes has also said that the courses will be running by fall and it will be available online, making the minor available to in-state and out-of-state students. 

“We foresee this as a program that would be interesting to students who are looking into political science or social justice issues, or maybe they’re looking into getting into the cannabis business side.”

Best of luck, folks!

By Wednesday Jones

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