Letter From the Editor – Issue 68

Letter From the Editor - Issue 68

Greetings My Friends,

Winter is over and it’s time for Spring, Summer, the sunshine and the outdoors. Of course one of the best things about being outdoors is being in nature and playing with animals. 

And we love animals. They’re the best. They make life better and provide unconditional love that you don’t really find anywhere else. Unfortunately sometimes they get sick, injured, old and might suffer from a variety of possible ailments and maladies. People’s love for animals, their pets especially, will drive them to go to some pretty extreme lengths to improve the health and prolong the life of their pets. In this issue of Edibles Magazine™ we explore some of the different alternative therapies for pets involving  cannabis and CBD. 

I recently had to rescue a cat from a tree, which meant borrowing a 30 foot extension ladder from a neighbor I’d never met before. When we got out of our car in the driveway we could hear her loudly meowing from a high branch up above. The situation reminded me of a lot of old cartoons and TV shows involving firemen getting kittens out of trees. It was amazing how immediately she trusted me to bring her down safely out of the tree and I’m reminded of how easily it can be to bond with animals. Our own pets regularly are dosed with CBD infused tincture, fish oil and turmeric and they definitely benefit from it. There’s some very sweet stories in this issue about some very special animals. The story of Tori the horse and Mystie the dog are touching tales of older animals and the people who love them very much. There’s also a list of the Top 7 Alternative Health Treatments for Animals, a special Animal and Cannabis crossword puzzle, some great new recipes and a fresh set of product reviews. One of the recipes is for dogs and one of the reviews is for horses, because that’s what this issue is all about. We also included an entertainment review of the new DC Comics show, Peacemaker, starring John Cena. Peacemaker smokes weed and has a pet eagle so he fits in great with this edition. 

Right now Russia seems to be threatening World War Three, which was the big threat when I was a kid. We watched “Red Dawn” often and around these parts in the mid eighties, Nuclear war with Russia ranked right alongside tornadoes when it came to dangerous threats that might strike at any moment. We actually  hid under our desks for both situations when they ran drills at school. So please stay safe, spend time with your pets and friends, and get high if you feel stressed out.

As always, smile at your budtender, tip your delivery driver, and know your dose.  

“Truth is not obliged to stick to possibilities.”

Patrick Ian Moore


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