Black Bunny Liquorice THC Mints

Black Bunny Liquorice THC Mints

I absolutely love black licorice flavored anything–even the ice cream from Mary Ann’s in Santa Cruz that turns your mouth a terrifying witchy black/green. It’s an acquired taste, surely, especially if you’ve ever been unlucky enough to suffer a massive hangover, but for those of us who love it, nothing else comes close.

I grew up eating Black Ropes and Crows candies, and my parents swear I wouldn’t have made it into this world without help from a bottle of Ouzo. But black licorice candy is harder than ever to acquire these days. It’s fallen out of fashion and even a box of Good and Plenty is hard to come by in the average I-5 corridor gas station. This is why I’m obsessed with Black Bunny mints, a new THC breath mint that harnesses the tummy soothing powers of licorice and cannabis in a mild and discreet candy that quells anxiety and quells nausea–and with no black color, these fennel flavored mints leave teeth, gums and tongues pink, fresh, and one hundred percent kissable. With their eye catching, adorable logo, paired with their effervescent Ariana Grande infused branding and marketing, Black Bunny is a player to watch out for in the cannabis mints game.

As someone who often suffers from appetite anxiety and occasional upset stomach, I’ve experienced firsthand how much of a lifesaver these little microdose (2.5mg THC) mints can be before an important business dinner or a big interview. However, as convenient and discreet as the white mints are, what I wouldn’t give for a classic, chewy, dark black licorice candy that also got me a little high. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that a higher dosage, chewy, black, licorice product might be in the future for the phenomenal folks over at Black Bunny. In the meantime, I know that the cute tins of these fabulous THC treats will be making their way into my family’s stockings this Christmas Eve, for it certainly is the season for anxiety and over-consumption induced tummy aches. But never fret, Black Bunny’s got your back.

Siouxsie Q

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