HerbaBuena Harmonize CBD Joints

HerbaBuena Harmonize CBD Joints

HerbaBuena Harmonize Balanced CBD Joints are a new brand of pre rolled smokes made from biodynamic whole flowers, instead of trim, that have been slow cured, hand trimmed and hand packed. HerbaBuena joints use sungrown flower to create a balanced feel good effect. Each pack contains 5 joints in individual smell proof containers, and an organic beeswax hemp wick for lighting smokes in the healthiest way available.

The packaging is great. The cardboard box is three inches long and two and a half inches wide and slides open like a drawer in an old fashioned desk. Each preroll is in its own pop-top doob tube inside the box to guarantee extra freshness. Each joint has 2 inches of flower and they are very tasty and sweet. They burn evenly and true, with that hemp wick really making a fun little difference. The tetrahydrocannabinol content is 11% with 7% cannabidiol to compliment the THC for a good synergistic entourage effect that feels very medicinal and relaxed. I smoked one of these while watching the Hawaii episode of “Drunk History” on Hulu and followed it with the Hollywood episode right after as I let the effect of the joint happen. They’re small enough that you’ll easily be able to finish a full little smoke each time you need one and won’t need to keep a roach around for later. The whole box easily fits in your pocket or even just take one little tube on the go.

Medicine from Mendocino heirloom selected genetics that tastes of rose garden, strawberry and sunshine offering an anxiety relieving, pain reducing and harmonizing effect. 11% THC and 7% CBD. We’re recommending these not only for self medication, but also as a great holiday gift for any loved ones who appreciate good cannabis products.

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