Diamond CBD: Setting the Diamond Standard for Quality

Diamond CBD: Setting the Diamond Standard for Quality

Diamond CBD always makes a strong impression at every cannabis event they attend. They consistently have one of the very biggest, most colorful and eye catching displays you’ll see at any convention and we see them at almost every expo we go to. The line of products they manufacture is diverse and vast ranging from gummies, to pet treats, and everything in between – including oil. CBD is the second most popular cannabinoid but it’s starting to close the gap between itself and THC for a lot of reasons. CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are the two most popular cannabinoids affecting the endocannabinoid system when people consume cannabis. THC gets you high, CBD doesn’t because it’s non-psychoactive making it also safe for pets. It also means it’s mostly legal most places (more about that later). Some CBD comes from specific strains of full flower cannabis and will often still have varying small amounts of THC present. CBD isolate manufactured from industrial hemp has 0% THC and that’s what’s being use to power Diamond’s products.

This season, Diamond CBD has created the perfect Holiday gifts with a new line of CBD oils. These oils make great gifts that can also help start the New Year off right. Full-spectrum CBD oils infused with MCT, Olive Oil, Hemp Oil, and the tasty new Honey Oil. Friends and family will all appreciate this new line of CBD oils to help them ease into their day while gaining all of the wonderful natural benefits that CBD has to offer. See our cannabis holiday gift guide in this very issue for even more ideas. Oils are easy to gift wrap and always appreciated.

Diamond CBD is setting the Diamond standard for quality through their newly developed CBD oil tinctures using a higher concentration than that of other companies, with CBD strengths ranging from 25mg to 3500mg. You can use the oil as a normal tincture to drop underneath the tongue for fast and easy absorption into the bloodstream, or you can have some good old fashioned cooking fun by placing a few droplets into your holiday dishes as you cook them. You can also use these oils for bulletproof coffee or tea and for making your own CBD infused salad dressings. Try the new 3500mg concentrated CBD oils in the Diamond CBD product line and you’ll see the difference. Any of the recipes in our Edibles Recipe Section ( beginning p. 30) can be made with CBD Oil instead of THC if that’s your preference, or even if you want to do a mix for some nice synergistic entourage effect. CBD and THC can bring out the best in one another and CBD can even be used as something of an “overdose antidote” in case anyone feels like they’ve consumed too much THC.

CBD oil is currently a popular item because it is readily available over-the-counter to anyone who wants it. According to analytics firm New Frontier Data, sales of CBD oil will total $2 billion by 2025. In 2017, hemp-derived CBD products accounted for 23 percent of all hemp products in the U.S. According to studies published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine within the National Institutes of Health, CBD may relieve pain, reduce anxiety and depression, help with acne, have neuroprotective properties (meaning it protects the brain), benefit heart health, along with so many other potential healing benefits. Supercritical Extraction is the most gentle approach to extract high quality CBD, which retains the naturally occurring beneficial molecules in the hemp plant and that’s how Diamond is doing it.

The New Line of CBD oils from Diamond include:

MCT Oil: Diamond CBD’s MCT oil-infused CBD is the most efficient way to consume CBD for quick and easy absorption of the essential fatty acids that MCT offers. MCTs help the cannabinoids interact with the body quickly and easily, making it the most efficient way to consume CBD oils. Medium chain triglycerides, or MCTs, are medium-length fatty acid chains that are popular additions to many wellness routines due to their natural health supporting benefits. Common natural sources of MCTs are coconut and palm kernel oil. Great for regulating blood sugar, managing weight, and improving brain function, MCT and CBD work together in perfect balance to assist you with optimized energy to help you kickstart your day. Take anywhere from one drop to a “full dropper” (20 drops/1ml) under your tongue as needed based on the desired CBDmg intake. The MCT CBD oil is available in strengths ranging from 25mg to 3500mg.

Olive Oil : The full spectrum Olive Oil CBD is a phenomenal new edition to the CBD family, in which the natural olive oil extract combined with the CBD oil offers many health and wellness benefits for anyone can enjoy. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and monounsaturated fats, and is sought out by consumers for its many benefits to daily wellness. Take anywhere from one drop to a “full dropper” (20 drops/1ml) under your tongue as needed based on the desired CBD mg intake. The Olive Oil CBD is available in strengths ranging from 25mg to 3500mg.

Honey Tinctures: These tasty new Honey Tinctures are made of 100 percent all-natural honey, providing you with a delicious way to deliver the ideal amount of CBD. Add it to your morning coffee, tea, or just use it throughout the day to sweeten up every moment while enjoying all of the awesome benefits that CBD offers. Take anywhere from one drop to a “full dropper” (20 drops/1ml) under your tongue as needed based on the desired CBD mg intake. The Honey CBD is available in strengths ranging from 25mg to 3500mg.

Hemp Seed Oil – The full spectrum Hemp Seed Oil offers all of the full benefits of hemp as a natural constituent for CBD. Made with 100 percent hemp, this hemp seed oil-infused CBD is perfect for those on-the-go so that they can get the most out of their health and wellness routine. Take anywhere from one drop to a “full dropper” (20 drops/1ml) under your tongue as needed based on the desired CBD mg intake. The Hemp Seed CBD is available in strengths ranging from 25mg to 3500mg.

CBD oil can be found in many forms and your CBD oil dosing can alter depending on the quality, strength, and form of CBD oil that you are using. Calculating the specific amount of CBD in each bottle, dropper, or drop of CBD oil is simple, however, it still requires some calculations to be made. Every 30ml bottle of CBD oil contains 30 full droppers or 600 droplets of CBD. To find out how much CBD is available in each full dropper or droplet is rather easy. For example, if you have a 1000mg bottle of CBD oil, that means that there are 1000mg of CBD in the entire bottle. Divide 1000 by 30 to find out how many milligrams of CBD that you’re getting in each full dropper. In this case, it’s about 33mg. To find out how many milligrams of CBD are in each drop of oil, divide the total amount of CBD in the bottle by 600. So a 1000mg bottle will have 600 1.7mg drops or droplets.

High-quality CBD oil begins with the quality of the organic industrial hemp. While some may argue about where the best hemp comes from, the truth is that high-quality hemp is grown all around the globe. The key to great, high-quality hemp for CBD oil, however, exists within the soil in which it’s grown. Hemp is very sensitive to its soil conditions and makeup, so the soil quality can directly impact the quality of the CBD oil. It is important for companies to be transparent with their sourcing and testing, having the information available so that consumers are fully informed. Diamond CBD sources their hemp from soil-rich farms in Kentucky, Colorado, and Scandinavia. All raw materials are quality inspected and tested for purity.

CBD oil has powerful effects on the human nervous system, immune system, and circulatory system. It has the potential of helping millions of people combat their health issues, including chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. The U.S. government has actually awarded itself a patent on CBD oil as an anti-inflammatory agent. Understanding the many benefits of using CBD oil and why it’s a much more appealing alternative to using other prescription medications is imperative. If you wish to maintain your health, or improve upon the levels of the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants our body needs to survive, then CBD oil may be the perfect solution.

Diamond is a publicly traded company under the ticker POTN and wholly owned by Potnetwork Holdings. Diamond’s website is, and you can buy product there or even get wholesale product for your own retail CBD business.

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