Product Feature: Easy Butter Maker

Ever want to make your own edibles? Our featured product of the month is the Easy Butter Maker. With edibles emerging as a hot new market in many medical marijuana states, and especially recreational cannabis states, it is becoming the norm to make your own edibles whether medical or recreational.

One of the most classic ways to infuse butter or oils with cannabis, is by using the age old tried and trusted method via crockpot. Some potential downsides that come with this infusion method are: this is a time consuming and lengthy process (minimum of a 4 hour slow low steep), it permeates the resonating smell of cannabis profusely, and you have to strain the flower out from the liquid at the end of it all.

Now with the Easy Butter Maker, you can infuse butter or oils within a short 10 minute time frame and cook immediately without having to wait hours for an extraction to take place. Unlike their competitors, the Easy Butter Maker comes in a 1 stick (quarter cup) and 2 stick unit (half cup). You can use trim or bud flowers, for highest potency we recommend using bud flowers ground up. With the 1 stick unit, you can infuse up to 5 grams of cannabis into butter or oil and the 2 stick unit infuses up to 10 grams (slightly over a quarter ounce).

You can run the process through up to 3 times to get a 90% cannabis extraction from the flower. The process is so simple, all you have to do is put the butter or oil in the lower unit compartment that screws off, add a half cup of water to the butter compartment, put the cannabis in the strainer, put the strainer in the butter compartment, reassemble the unit and put on medium heat on a stove. Within less than 10 minutes you will hear a gurgling sound (not quite a boiling sound from a tea kettle) but when the steam comes out you know it’s done.

Clean up is even easier and requires minimal effort. While we have seen some edible companies use similar devices to produce edibles for dispensaries, it’s more for the at home recreational user or medical patient. The Easy Butter Maker price points make the product easily accessible to everyone ($49.95 and $69.95 – with $5 shipping), whether you are a newbie to cannabis or a seasoned veteran.


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