Product Review: PieceMaker Silicone Pipes & Bongs

We’ve got a new favorite style of pipes, bongs and one-hitters and it’s called Piece Maker! These brightly colored and extremely durable pieces are constructed from high-grade, industrial strength silicone – meaning they’re dang near indestructible! Blowtorch proof? Yes, totally! Can you drive a car over it? You sure as heck can. If you’ve ever suffered the heartache of seeing your beautiful hand blown glass bong shatter into pieces, we sure feel for you, but you needn’t suffer anymore. Piece Makers are easy to keep clean and look like they were designed by Doctor Seuss or Jim Henson. You can use them for dabs or flower and the lids fit snug enough to protect that bowl you packed before putting the pipe in your pocket. Never cry over shattered glass again – get a PieceMaker pipe and smoke fearlessly! You can order your own at and get started.

Patrick Ian Moore
Senior Editor

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