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Edibles Magazine Reviews OG Chillum

Somehow I always forget how much I like using an OG Chillum to smoke out of. OG Chillums are discrete one hitter glass pipes. At only 4 inches in length, it’s perfect for a quick toke when you’re out and about. The OG Chillum is made of sturdy borosilicate glass. It’s easy to clean and maintain, but also easy to replace if you find that you need to dispose of it quickly, or even in the event that it breaks. This pipe is designed to give you a clean and easy smoking experience. These are easy to find in smoke shops and head shops and depending on your state’s cannabis laws they might be available in dispensaries. You can also get them online in bulk and at a great price but they’re pretty affordable everywhere. I absolutely recommend having a few Chillums on hand all the time. They make good gifts  too and are convenient for travelling. 

The OG Chillum glass pipe is made in the USA by Heatex Glass.

Tommy Knowledge

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