Budease Half Gram Vape Cartridges

Budease CONCENTRATE VAPE CARTRDIGE HALF GRAM - Edibles Magazine - Cannabis Infused Product Review Feature - SOLVENT AND ADDITIVE FREE VAPES

Budease is a brand new line of vaporizer cartridges that recently made their debut at The National Cannabis Industry Association in San Jose, California. The cartridges are medical grade stainless steel and glass with glass tips so no metal ever needs to touch your teeth. The cartridges have passed all of the necessary tests and are free of any heavy metals and no leaching occurs. Each cart is filled with half a gram of top quality, full spectrum cannabis distillate that boasts a 12:1, THC to CBD ratio at 80% THC and 6.5% CBD, just enough to produce the entourage effect by working together. No cutting or filling agents are used and there are no additives or unnatural flavors put in. There is a 5%, all-natural, strain specific terpene blend introduced into every batch, making these vapes 95% pure cannabis concentrate. Currently available in three different flavors: Gelato (Hybrid), Fire OG (Indica), and Super Silver Haze (Sativa), regardless of where you are or what time of day it is, Budease has the strain for you. The cloud plumes are nice and full so you can blow great looking smoke rings without being overly fragrant or artificial smelling and the taste is very natural. These cartridges taste the way the flower smells and because it’s so pure each puff hits you direct. The packaging is the most minimal you’ll find anywhere in the industry. 


Each Budease Premium Vape Cartridge comes sealed in a branded Doob Tube, and that’s all. No cardboard box or extra wrapping yet the package is still 100% California compliant. Less to tear through and throw away, and the doob tube is easily reused or recycled. The oil, terpenes, and cartridges all have the proper certificates of analysis and lab tests so you can feel confident that you’re using cannabis completely free of pesticides and other poisons. Budease Cartridges are delicious, potent, and available throughout the state of California. Budease is, “Bud, Made Easy.” 


Visit and see where you can get a Budease cartridge today. 

Jack Paradise

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