CBD Lion Vape Pens – 50mg Ghost Train Haze & Sour Tangie

CBD Lion Disposable Vapes Edibles Magazine Review

I’ve been using two different flavors of the CBD Lion Vape pens. Before I delve into this review, I want to bring to your attention CBD lion’s “CBD and Terpene potential health benefits chart”. This chart will be very helpful in helping you make a decision on what pen to choose. You can find it on their website.

Ghost Train Haze was the first one I tried. The flavor was very mild and clean with no real aftertaste. The contents of this particular pen should be effective with pain, antioxidants, inflammation, muscle relaxation, and insomnia. This pen did relax me. I literally dozed off during a football game. This flavor will indeed help you to relax.

Sour Tangie has a very pleasant taste and aroma with no perceivable aftertaste. The potential benefits of this flavor include help with insomnia, pain, anxiety, and inflammation.

I really like how compact size of these pens. They are about as big as a cigarette, and are pleasantly weighted. These pens are disposable, and won’t require you to search for a tiny button to push. It’s as simple as inhaling. I also like how the end of the pen lights up while using it. These vape pens are a good choice for those of us who need a discrete dose of CBD while on the go.

Richard Bell

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