Epic Dab n’ Splash Summer Kickoff with Afroman at Safari Joe’s Water Park

Epic Dab N Splash

I arrived at Safari Joe’s and there was a crowd of people in quite high spirits. As you enter the park there are tons of people in swimsuits and smoking and passing around joints, blunts, and edibles to share. It had been hot that week in Tulsa, so it was nice to go somewhere to cool off and enjoy live music, food, and cannabis vendors. Being that the event was at Safari Joe’s H2O, I took the opportunity to go down a couple of waterslides.

Epic Dab n' Splash Summer Kickoff with Afroman at Safari Joe's Water Park

I haven’t been on a waterslide since I was pretty young, and I was scared as all hell to ride the Reptile Rush. I smoked a whole Jackalope Scruffy to help calm myself down and readied myself to go up 400 feet worth of steps. I got into the chute and I went down that slide a lot faster than I thought. I had a ton of fun, but I wasn’t going back up all those stairs again.

Luckily, there were other cool things to check out. There was a dab bar nearby and some sweet mushroom gummy samples from RPS2. There were other vendors with super stylish sunglasses, exquisite glass pieces, and cannabis themed accessories. After checking out some cute dab accessories and trays from Lush Kaya Cultivation’s, I went down to the wave pool and enjoyed some music from some different music artists, most Oklahoma natives, like Kid Lennon.

Epic Dab n' Splash Summer Kickoff with Afroman at Safari Joe's Water Park

Near the end of the night, Afroman appeared on stage in a cloud of smoke. There was no need for a fog machine since Afro had asked the crowd to light up their blunts and smoke and sing along with him. He wore a two piece fit that matched the pattern on his Pimp Cup, which had a jar attached to the bottom with a blunt in it for safekeeping. It also had his name written on it, so no one’s pimp cups gets confused. Halfway through his set, he started to tell a couple of one-liners as a set up for his famous,”Because I Got High,” if you’ve ever smoked weed, you know this song. The crowd raised their blunts, sang at the top of their lungs, and waived all responsibility for whatever happened that night, because we were high.

This was my first time going to an event since the beginning of the pandemic and it was more fun than I’ve had in a while. Thanks to Red Eye 420 for having us, we look forward to what else the summer has in store for us patients.

Lynn You

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