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Red Bud Vape Cart Jaqie Girl Packaging 2 Print

Red Bud Elixirs is definitely one of my favorite Oklahoma Cannabis brands and the cartridges they make are truly some of the best I’ve ever tasted anywhere. They use supercritical C02 extraction and infuse their cartridges with a native cannabis terpene reintroduction that allows the full spectrum, small batch oil to taste like full flower smells. This strain was “Jaqi Girl”, named after Jaqi Angel Warrior, a young Oklahoma cannabis activist who used to suffer from up to 100 seizures per day before she was able to regularly dose with THC. This cartridge was 82.30% THC and 1.43% CBG with a terpene content of 2.97%.

This particular cartridge was especially delicious and very potent. Not all vape cartridges are created equal but Red Bud vapes genuinely always get me where I need to be. They make me very high while allowing me to focus in a way that is both creatively stimulating and relaxed without feeling lazy, tired or unmotivated. It’s nice to take three big pulls in a row off the white ceramic tip, blow some smoke rings and spend the next 30 minutes feeling great while I get things done. They even have some of the nicest packaging I’ve seen.

In case you’re wondering, the Redbud (Fabaceae Cercis canadensis) is a deciduous tree, native to southwestern North America, which reaches 30 to 40 feet in height, that was adopted in 1937 by Senate Bill 143 as the Oklahoma state tree.

Go to their website to see about getting your own Red Bud cartridge at a store near you at and start enjoying them as soon as possible.

Jack Paradise

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