W Vapes Disposable Vaporizer

W Vapes Disposable Pen

W Vapes has redesigned their super subtle disposable vape pen and made a few improvements to the product that had already won the prestigious Hempcon award for Best Personal Vaporizer of 2016. Every disposable W Vape pen now contains 500mg of platinum oil ( a whole half gram) extracted from additive-free, single strain, locally-sourced, all-natural cannabis, created through strain-specific, supercritical CO2 extraction. The original terpenes are reintroduced in the post processing ensuring the specific taste and quality you expect. The high is nice, steady and easily maintained with a few more hits whenever needed. They brought some of these beauties onto The Edibles Show on Z420.tv and everybody loved them. I took the Grand Daddy Purple Indica pen home to fully enjoy and was melting into the couch all evening watching documentaries on Netflix. This vaping experience went incredibly well with viewing “Dark Star: H. R. Giger’s World”, the 2014 Swiss film about the surrealist artist behind the creation of the creature in the original “Alien” movie. I highly recommend watching it and pairing it with a W Vapes Indica pen. After that I re-read part of the “Marvel 1602: Spider-Man” graphic novel and thoroughly had a good time doing it before dozing off.

The new quartz glass container has a completely clear view so you always know exactly how much product is left in the tank with a secure enforced tip making for no leakage and bigger, better hits. The pen is direct inhale with no button and the “W” illuminates as always whenever you inhale with a battery that is 320mah. It’s an incredibly discreet and effective product ideal for taking anywhere you might be and want to medicate. A variety of strains are available in Indica, Sativa and Hybrid with the lab results posted and available on the W Vapes website. There’s an ancient Chinese proverb that states: “Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” Take that to heart and be yourself, and try relaxing with one of these fine little devices. Check out the W Vapes site and see if the store locator features any of your favorite places: wvapes.com

Jack Paradise

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