Mount Joy Sparkling THC Beverage

mount joy sparkling thc cannabis water

Mountjoy Sparkling Water is a cannabis-infused bubbly THC drink handmade in Sonoma County California with fresh filtered well water and full spectrum cannabis oils. The choices offered in the flavor department are natural, orange and peach. Mountjoy is very refreshing, 100% calorie-free, and contains 12mg of THC in each bottle. Drinks generally can be effective in less than 30 minutes, which is quicker than edibles because they don’t have to be digested the same way.

They also don’t need to be as strong for the very same reasons, so twelve milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol will go further in a beverage like this than it would in something like a high calorie brownie, but it’s still a perfectly modest dose to partake in at any time of day. This cannabis infused drink was delicious and completely hit the spot after smoking some tasty buds. It cured the cottonmouth quick and was fine to keep sipping on afterwards. The wonderful folks at Mountjoy sent us beverages for The Edibles Show on Z420 Television and we’ve been enjoying them on the air with our special guests every Monday afternoon. Each flavor of Mountjoy Sparkling Cannabis water pairs well with all of the comfort food recipes featured in this issue. As every bottle says: refresh, de-stress, motivate, and elevate your senses. To find out more, go to mountjoysparkling.com or call 707-874-2009.

Patrick Ian Moore

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