THC Did Nothing Wrong

THC Did Nothing Wrong

THCA, CBG, CBD, THC? Is one of these things, not like the other?

Having a ring of an old folk tune, it can be difficult to discern the difference, among compounds found within the Cannabis plant. Fear of the unknown can lead to a true phobia with strange chemical abbreviations dancing in one’s head. Reassurance can be found in the simple number of deaths attributed directly to Cannabis – none. A non-toxic produce, the Cannabis plant is interwoven with humanity. Our bodies contain the natural ability to process the ‘Cannabinoid’ oils. The nutritional, industrial and pharmacological use of this plant has yet to be fully explored. But – what we do know can be easily demonstrated in one important fact – Cannabis overdose does not occur (with the notable exception of being crushed by a bale).

Clearly accepted by mainstream society and begrudgingly acknowledged by the medical community the CBG and CBD chemistry is now forming a solid tax base in many economies worldwide. Now Federally legal in the United States, low or no THC items are being produced and available nationwide.

Unfortunately, the THC molecule has been incorrectly singled out. Without scant evidence it has been deemed a scary and a dangerous drug of disaster. Dismissed with misleading studies. Lives are being destroyed by draconian laws. Talented candidates are excluded from work by the negative stigma alone. Moreover, these common misconceptions impede important medical THC research. Worst, life saving therapy is impossible as regulations strangle away any liberty to pursue happiness.

The alphabet soup of Cannabis chemicals is nothing to fear. The oppressive regulatory framework being built is something to fear. Laws exclude THC using panic perception and fictional past ‘studies’. Politicians, regulators, employers and research institutions are in denial. Blatant new evidence is actually demonstrating that perhaps not using THC is unhealthy. THC in Cannabis is natural. A creative mental stimulant neither as intoxicating nor dangerous as previously derided. We need to stop demonizing the important fundamental chemical structure known as THC.

Low THC Cannabis is now legal at the Federal level. However, all of the chemicals in the Cannabis plant are important. Full spectrum products containing a complete range of cannabinoids have demonstrated the most positive results. THC is truly in a “guilty until proven innocent” scenario. Don’t panic, THC is not scary. THC did nothing wrong!

Professor Dale J. Chamberlain

Professor Dale J. Chamberlain is a former NASA plant scientist and Dean of the High Altitude School of Hydroponics (H*A*S*H). Also a writer and health system nutrition specialist, his book Aromatic Cannabis Cultivation; A Growers Guide to Great Ganja can be found online at

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