Canadian Company Claims to Have Developed Odorless Strain of Cannabis

Odorless Cannabis

CannabCo Pharmaceutical Corp., an Ontario-based company, has claimed that it has developed, PureCann, an odorless type of cannabis. But what kind of cannabis doesn’t have a smell? Cannabis typically has a distinct flavor and scent as a result of its naturally occurring terpenes. Terpenes are found in the cannabis trichomes and can also have additional health benefits, depending on which one is more prominent in the flower. Terpenes like limonene, that gives citrus fruits their specific scent/flavor, can boost your immune system, alleviate heartburns, and lower cholesterol. The CEO of CannabCo, Mark Pellicane, claims that the terpenes are affected, but does not disclose the process or its effects.

Of course, PureCann will still have a scent when it comes to combustion, but it will most likely just be ‘smokey’. The flavor and smell of cannabis are so ingrained into the experience of smoking it, how would removing the scent affect the consumer? PureCann was originally developed to reduce the harshness that comes with smoking cannabis, and in the process became the product it is today. According to a press release made by Newswire:

The tech company has the following claims associated with implementing PURECANN:

• Virtually undetectable odour of dry product during storage

• Greatly reduced cannabis odor (virtually undetectable) during combustion

• Reduces harshness resulting in a very smooth smoke on combustion

• May be used to produce a “connoisseur” product for a unique market segment

• Less residual heavy feeling “day after effect” associated with smoking cannabis

The company claims that it will be more beneficial for new users, who aren’t used to the harshness of smoking cannabis and people who want to be more discreet about their cannabis use. But with the 2020 elections coming up and many candidates looking to legalize cannabis, why hide it?

Lynn You

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