Product Review: Infused Edibles CBD Pear Vape Cartridge

Infused Edibles has developed a solid reputation in the cannabis industry as one of the leaders when it comes to making medicated gummies, nuts, and trail mix. What you may not yet be aware of is that they also now make Hemp CBD Vaporizer cartridges. These cartridges are a full milliliter in size and contain 60 mg of hemp based cannabidiol. Since the Infused vape carts are filled with hemp derived CBD and have zero THC, they’re 100% non-psychoactive. So not only are they safe to cross state lines, you don’t need a doctor’s recommendation to obtain, and you don’t even need to be concerned about operating heavy machinery or not while using the product, because you don’t get high from it. That may not sound like it’s for everyone, but it’s exactly what many people are looking for when shopping for medicine. Hemp CBD can help with pain, stress, and tension management as well as insomnia and working to generally help better with relaxation.

These cartridges have a 510 thread, meaning they’ll work with the majority of rechargeable batteries you’ll find. There are a variety of flavors to choose from – the one we tested for this review was “Pear”, and it was sweet and delicious – like fruit flavored candy. Many people are also finding that Hemp CBD vapes can help a great deal with quitting smoking cigarettes and even to assist in giving up their dependence on nicotine vaporizers. Infused Edibles CBD vapes are well worth your attention, and very affordable. Check out Infused Edibles online to see more at infusededibles.org.

Patrick Ian Moore

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