Product Review: SugarLeaf Wellness Gift Box

Sugar Leaf Wellness is a conscientious cannabis purveyor of artisan items. With their desire to bring forth specialty groups of infused and ancillary products to the medicinal and recreational users. They have developed a line of gift boxes made to match the mood of the cannabis connoisseur to create the perfect box of infusion. Featured here is the very intriguing “Mojo Love Box”. Now doesn’t that sound inviting for a special moment with your one and only?
This Sugar Leaf Mojo Love Box consist of 1/8th of flower chosen specifically for sexual enhancement, 1 gram pre-roll handcrafted, strain-specific, and chosen for relaxation and calmness to stimulate the mood of love. Dark chocolate to feed your special someone as the sensual flower envelopes you into a romantic feeling of infused bliss. Plus a beautiful Massage oil candle from 805buddhabliss, and when heated, the candle turns to massage oil which can be used both internally and externally as it is made with all-natural organic ingredients. Mmmm, I believe it is edible as well for when you’re getting in the mood with the Mojo Love Box, you never know what can be created.

Here I am, all by myself and reviewing this in a solo adventure, well it’s just not the same…..I’ve lit the candle, fed myself the deep, rich, delectable, dark chocolate that’s wrapped in a lovely gold packaging, smoked the amazing, sensually, stimulating flower and now rubbing the warm massage oil into my skin. Yes, I’m so relaxed, feeling euphorically elevated and glistening with the aromatic massage oil and completely satiated with erotic sativa thoughts and feel that the curation of Sugar Leaf Wellness Mojo Love Box should definitely be appreciated….by two people! Not by a single person who now feels like the engine is running but I’ll need to turn it off all by myself!
Sugar Leaf has developed a delivery service with their fantastic line of products and please visit their site to view the other specialty line of cannabis gift boxes of fine purveyor of products. This company is truly bringing together some of the very best cannabis items for discerning consumers at wonderful prices. Thank you to Sugar Leaf Wellness for turning me onto your products in more ways than one! More at: sugarleafwellness.com
Keiko Beatie

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